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Find answers to commonly asked questions about the WMCOE facility.

  • Who can be a tenant at WMCOE?

    Dedicated space within the business incubator is open to businesses starting up or looking to expand their operations. Our virtual office tenants can continue to work out of their current location while enjoying the shared services the facility offers.

  • What kind of businesses can WMCOE serve?

    Incubator space is limited to the types of businesses that need office or light manufacturing space.

    WMCOE staff and partner organizations will provide business assistance services for the tenants startup, grow and attrition out of the incubator and into their own space in 2-3 years.

  • What sort of lease terms are available?

    Tenants in office and industrial space leases are flexible and month to month unless a term is mutually agreed upon. Virtual tenant leases are month to month.

    Should the need arise, tenants can request, in writing, to be released from their lease agreement prior to the end of the lease term.

    Co-working clients can choose a daily, weekly or monthly term. All fees for co-working users are payable in advance.

  • How do I get started?

    Contact Teresa O'Brien at info@wmcoe.org, call (715) 732-1050 or click Apply Now.

  • How do I develop a business plan?

    Yes, a business plan is needed for office or industrial space tenancy. However this is assistance available to help with the plan.

    You can develop a business plan on your own by following the steps outlined in “Create a Business Plan and Financial Forecast” on the Marinette County Association for Business & Industry (MCABI) website. MCABI can also help your plan.

    Or you can work with the UWGB Small Business Development Center or with SCORE offer business plan development services and/or workshops to help you through the process. Please see our Business Assistance page for links to our Partner websites.

    Contact Terri Whitaker at info@wmcoe.org or (715) 732-1050 for additional information.

  • What qualifications do I need?
    • Business in the early stages of development or expansion.
    • The ability to pay the rent.
    • Tenant has the technical knowledge/experience to succeed and demonstrates a willingness to take advantage of the value-added services the incubator can provide.
    • Business is not in direct competition with an existing incubator tenant business.

    All applicants are required to complete a tenant application and credit report request form and submit them, along with a business plan.

  • How does WMCOE compare to a traditional office space/lease?

    Rates for office space are slightly below market and lease are flexible.

  • Does the virtual office have any shared/physical resources?

    Virtual office tenants have use of the shared printer/copier/scanner, secure shredding service, secure high speed internet and access to educational resources, workshops and training as part of the rent.

    Tenants can also reserve use of a conference room or the consultant’s office on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • Is there a printer/copier available / what are the costs to use?

    The facility has a shared use printer/copier/scanner for use by its tenants. 

    Every month tenants leasing dedicated space and our virtual tenants receive the first 50 black & white pages free of charge. 

    The following fees apply thereafter:


    8 ½ x 11 - $0.02 per copy

    8 ½ x 14 - $0.04 per copy

    11 x 17 - $0.06 per copy 


    8 ½ x 11 - $0.08 per copy

    8 ½ x 14 - $0.10 per copy

    11 x 17 - $0.12 per copy

  • Is there an extra cost to get my business name posted on the building sign?

    There is no additional charge for office and industrial tenants to have their business name posted on a sign outside the building.

  • What are the current lease rates?

    Office Space

    Without a window:
    $200 per month

    With a window:
    $225 per month

    Manufacturing Space

    Annual rate is $3.00 per sf + Common Area Maintenance Rate (CAM) per sf
    CAM is evaluated and adjusted annually
    2018 CAM is set at $3.25 per sf

    Virtual Space

    $50 per month for access during normal business hours
    $95 per month for 24-7 access

  • Do lease rates include utilities such as gas, electric, telephone, and internet?

    Office lease rates include everything except long distance telephone calls, color copies and black and white copies over 50 per month.

    Manufacturing spaces are separately metered for gas and electric services. 

    Manufacturing Tenants are billed directly by the utility company for their electrical usage. Gas usage is billed in arrears by the WMCOE. All other utilities (except long distance telephone calls and copies) are included in the base and/or CAM lease rates. 

  • Does my business get an extension or its own phone number to my office or manufacturing bay?

    Tenants will have their own telephone number. Phone system will have call forwarding capability. Tenants are billed monthly for long distance telephone calls made in the previous month. 

  • What is the fee for a virtual office?

    $50 per month for access during normal business hours (8am-4pm), Monday - Friday

    $95 per month for 24-7 building access.

  • What is the fee for a Co-Working Desk?

    $15 for one day during normal business hours, Monday- Friday, includes use of the small conference room for up to 2 hours, if not previously reserved.

    $25 for 24-7 building access for one seven day period. Weekly rate includes use of the small conference room for up to 4 hours during this time period, on a first come-first served basis.

    $50 Lease a co-working desk of one month (30 days), building access is 24-7. Monthly rental includes use of the small conference room for up to 8 hours during the 30 day period, on a first come-first served basis.

    Use it or lose it policy—there is no carry over.

    All fees are paid in advance.

  • How often can I use the Co-Working Desk?

    The co-working or hot desk includes unlimited use, M-F from 8 am - 4 pm during the rental period (day, week, month).

  • Can the size of the manufacturing bays be changed or adjusted to meet my business needs?

    The interior walls of the manufacturing bays are moveable to allow for expansion or contraction as needed. 

  • Does the WMCOE have conference rooms? If yes, are they available to the public?

    The WMCOE has one large conference room which can be divided into two smaller conference rooms. Conference rooms are available for rent by the public by the hour, half day, or full day. 

    Rental fee for a small conference room is $20 per hour, $50 for 4 hours, and $100 for 8 hours.

    Rental fee for the full conference room is $25 per hour, $70 for 4 hours, and $140 for 8 hours. 

    The setup of the conference room is flexible.

    Smart TV and secure WIFI are available for presentations.